Best Products of 2011 (Rubs, Meat and Gadgets)

In addition to sampling and reviewing dozens of great sauces, I also reviewed tons of rubs, meats, BBQ snacks, gadgets and utensils. In this review, I've chosen the best from each category. As with the sauces, each product had to have been officially reviewed by The "Q" Review during the 2011 calender year to be eligible for this list. If you've sent a product that has yet to be reviewed, it will be eligible for our 2012 list.

I initially intended only to review BBQ sauces, but I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to sample and review these products. Many of these incredible items have become fixtures in my kitchen or around my grill.

As with the sauces, several great products just missed the cut. Man Law Grilling Tools, All Natural Charcoal, Fatwood Firestarters, The Texas Brush, Pan Grill It, Papa Jack's Sweet Heat Rub and additional product from Knox Spice and Dizzy Pig  were all outstanding and deserve special mention.

Best Overall Product

Best Overall Seasoning

Best BBQ Rub
Best Gadget, Fuel or Accessory

Best Meat or BBQ Snack

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