Best Restaurant & BBQ Vendors of 2011

This the final installment of a three part, "Best of 2011" feature. When The "Q" Review started in June of 2010, my focus was on reviewing BBQ joints and competition teams from North Carolina and beyond. Since last summer, The "Q" Review's content range has expanded a great deal, but restaurant reviews are still at the heart of what The "Q" Review is all about.

I sampled and reviewed "Q" from 16 different joints during the 2011 calender year. Some were brick and mortar restaurants while others were travelling competition vendors. A majority of the joints are located in North Carolina but I also hit up pit masters from Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.

Best Overall Joint
1. BBQ Joes (High Point, NC)
2. Bib's Downtown (Winston-Salem, NC)
3. Cook's BBQ (Lexington, NC)
4. Mac's Speedshop (Charlotte, NC)
5. Rockstore BBQ (Stallings, NC)

Best Ribs
1. Rockstore BBQ (Stallings, NC)
2. Bib's Downtown (Winston-Salem, NC)
3. Pigfoot BBQ (West Salem, OH)

Best Pulled / Chopped Pork
1. Mac's Speedshop (Charlotte, NC)
2. BBQ Joe's (High Point, NC)
3. Cook's BBQ (Lexington, NC)

Best Brisket
1. BBQ Joe's (High Point, NC)
2. Bib's Downtown (Winston-Salem, NC)
3. Saucy Dog's BBQ (Jonesville, MI)

Best Chicken
1. BBQ Joe's (High Point, NC)
2. Saucy Dog's BBQ (Jonesville, MI)
3. Bib's Downtown (Winston-Salem, NC)

Best Signature Sauce
1. BBQ Joes "Joe's Sauce" (High Point, NC)
2. Mac's Speed Shop "Red Sauce" (Charlotte, NC)
3. BBQ Joes "South Carolina" (High Point, NC)

Best Side Item
1. BBQ Joe's Hush Puppies
2. Bib's Downtown Baked Beans
3. Bib's Downtown Hush Puppies

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