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Despite being North Carolina's largest city with a population of  750,000 people, there are a surprisingly small number of BBQ options in Charlotte. There are the usual national chains and a couple Lexington style joints, but Mac's Speedshop is the one true standout.

 Mac's (now with 3 locations) is a biker bar that attracts families, executives, and bikers (of course) from all over the Charlotte metro area. Nothing unites people like good food and Mac's serves up ton's of it every day. Mac's hickory smokes some of the tastiest pork, beef and chicken in the entire region.

My best friend of nearly 24 years (and a current resident of Charlotte) introduced me to Mac's a few years ago. We've been there a few times, but not since the genesis of the "Q" review. With a free Saturday, I decided to drive down to Charlotte for a visit.

I ordered a combo platter that includes your choice of 4 meats ($16). I chose pork ribs, brisket and a double portion of Mac's signature pulled pork. Without question, the pulled pork is the best "Q" offered at Mac's. It's hickory smoked overnight and lightly tossed with their Carolina sauce. The pork is absolutely mouth watering. It's tender, smokey and juicy.

Both the ribs and brisket are slow smoked, brushed with their signature "Red" sauce and finished on the grill. The ribs were smokey and flavorful, but not quite as tender as I prefer. The brisket was exceptionally good, but it was cut much differently than any brisket I've previously seen. It was cut into a long thick strip like a wooden stake. This affected the texture of the meat. It wasn't "pull apart" tender like most brisket. It was more like slicing a sirloin.

I was more than satisfied with my combo platter. In fact, the portion was so large, that I didn't quite finish it. Those that know me well understand how rare that is. I've never left Mac's hungry. In my book, that's one of the best compliments you can give a restaurant.

One more thing worth mentioning about Mac's Southend location is that it's almost ALWAYS packed. Be prepared to wait. The place seats a pretty good crowd both inside and out, but the seats are rarely empty. Don't be discouraged by the long line. The food is more than worth the wait.


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