Red Law Whiskey and Sweet Cherry

After really enjoying Red Law's Serrano Apricot sauce earlier this summer, I was looking forward to testing out their original, Whiskey & Sweet Cherry sauce. I knew I could expect big, bold flavors and had plenty of pork on hand that was in need of a flavor boost.
Whiskey & Sweet Cherry is a medium thick sauce and is dark read in the bottle. Like all Red Law sauces, Whiskey & Sweet Cherry is packaged in big 21.5 oz glass bottles and slapped with an Ol' West themed label. The sauce pours fairly slowly and isn't entirely smooth.
Sweetness dominates the initial flavor of this sauce. Using only natural sweeteners, Red Law front loads the flavor with sugary goodness. There is very little smoke or spice to contrast the sugar onslaught. Whiskey provides the second dimension to the sauce's profile. Though the alcohol is cooked down during processing, the whiskey flavor (and aroma) is very evident.
I first used Whiskey & Sweet Cherry on smokey pulled pork sandwiches. I paired the sauce with a creamy slaw and piled it high on hickory smoked pork shoulder. While I generally enjoy a sweet sauce with pulled pork, I found the whiskey flavor a bit distracting. Not being a whiskey drinker, I may not be the best person to judge the flavor, but I didn't feel like it enhanced the sauce in any way.
Later, I used the sauce as a glaze on grilled country style ribs. I heated the sauce and brushed / poured it on the pork as it finished cooking. As expected, heating the sauce enriched the sweetness. It also lessened the impact of the whiskey flavor. I could still taste the whiskey, but it had moved to a supporting role in the overall flavor profile.
Whiskey isn't exactly my specialty. I felt it dominated the flavor a bit too much out of the bottle. However, it was significantly better (as is often the case) after the sauce was kissed by the heat of an open flame. I would use the sauce again as a finishing glaze over direct heat. However, when in need of a dipping sauce, I'd have to reach for something else.
If you're a whiskey drinker or just like unique, small batch BBQ sauces, give Red Law's Whiskey & Sweet Cherry a shot. Check out their entire line of products at

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