Welcome to the Recipe page. This page contains links to several BBQ and grilling recipes that I hope you will enjoy. Some are my own recipes and some are borrowed from other cooks. Enjoy!

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Main Dishes
Appleback Ribs
BBQ Pork Quesadillas
Deluxe BBQ Tacos
Grilled Shrimp Rolls
Huli Huli Wings
Mexi Mac & Cheese
Real Deal Pulled Pork BBQ
Smoked Meatloaf and Brown BBQ Gravy
Whole Smoked BBQ Chicken
Wild Fire Wings
Wisconsin Beer Brats
White Castle(ish) Sliders

Appetizers / Sides
Armadillo Eggs
Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs)
BBQ Beans
BBQ Chicken Dip
Buffalo Chicken Wontons
Grilled BBQ Shrimp
Pull Bread
Roasted Tomato Salsa

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