Rodfather's BBQ Sauce

Rodfather's was created by Rod Wallenbeck after years of searching for the perfect sauce for his family. Disappointed with what was available in his local supermarkets, Rod took it upon himself to develop an alternative. The result is his sweet and smooth Rodfather's Premium.

Rod's sauce makes a great impression right away with its packaging. Glass flask bottles always present beautifully. The thin, sticky sauce is dark and smooth in the bottle and pours quickly.

Most sauces are characterized either on a base ingredient: vinegar, tomato, mustard... or a particular flavor element: sweet, spicy, tangy, smokey... Rodfather's is unusual in that it's primary ingredient is brown sugar. There are both tomato and vinegar elements in the sauce, but it's clearly unique in composition. Without question, the sauce can be categorized as "sweet".

Out of the bottle, the sauce smells sweet and very smokey. There is definitely more than just a hint of liquid smoke. Rod describes his sauce as "velvety" and I think that's a perfect description for both the flavor and texture.

The sweetness is rich and deep. It's accented by Worcestershire sauce and vinegar giving is bit of tang. Whiskey is a very minor ingredient in the sauce, but it makes an impact on the flavor. Not being a drinker myself, I'm always keenly aware each time whiskey is included in a sauce. I don't find it off putting. It's simply something that stands out.

I've used the sauce on pulled pork, poultry and ribs. The thin sauce pours well over shredded pork and works well as a dip. I served the sauce at a church function and got a thumbs up from nearly everyone. Kids especially seemed to enjoy it (don't worry, there's no actual alcohol content).
Though relatively thin, Rodfather's isn't too thin to use as a glaze on ribs. It's sticky and clings to anything your pour or brush it on.

There is definitely an audience for a sauce like Rodfather's. Anyone that enjoys Memphis style sauces, for example, should give Rodfather's a shot. It doesn't balance quite as well as I would like, but there are a lot great elements working in the sauce.

To purchase Rodfather's, check out their website. Or, if you happen to be in the Syracuse, NY area, several local retailers carry the sauce.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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