Willie's Hog Dust

I reviewed Willie's Hog Wash a couple of months ago, but it was actually the rub, Hog Dust, that initially interested me in Willie's products. Hog Dust is a great name for a BBQ rub, especially for a company based in South Carolina where pork is king. It's a product I'd had my eye on for quite some time and was anxious to give it a try. 
Blended specifically with pork in mind, Willie's Hog Dust is a sweet and salty mix with a hefty amount of paprika. Onion, garlic and a variety of other spices provide savory accents and balance the flavors. Salt, sugar and paprika are always a solid foundation for a good pork rub. The key, of course, is how skillfully the core ingredients are blended.
Hog Dust comes in three varieties: Original, Sweet and Spicy. All three are quality blends with similar base ingredients. I've been using each of them constantly for the last couple of months. I've applied Hog Dust to ribs and pork butts, but I've also used it on everything from burgers to veggies.
I've found Willie's Hog Dust to be a versatile product. The sweet and salty blend  has been solid in nearly every situation. My favorite use thus far has been pork ribs. I dusted a couple racks liberally with Hog Dust and smoked them for five hours with aromatic pecan wood. The rub created a delicious mahogany bark that was perfect on the beautiful racks.
The salt / sugar ratio in this rub is right on point. I love the caramelization that I get from the sugars, but also the savory flavor provided by the salt and spices. Regardless of what type of meat your grilling or smoking, Willie's Hog Dust will provide ample flavor.
It's been quite some time since I've had a rub that I liked as much as Hog Dust. Hot, Sweet or Original, It's all fantastic. It's a product that I would recommend for both home cooks and competitors.
Check out Hog Dust and all of Willie's fine products online @ http://willieshogdust.com/
Rating: (5/5)

TexJoy Steak Seasoning

Though they new produce a full line of spices and blended seasonings, TexJoy's roots can actually be traced back to a small coffee company founded in 1921. The Texas Coffee Company supplied Beaumont and the surrounding area for years before the TexJoy line of seasonings was born. 

Tex Joy's product line is incredibly vast. In addition to grinding and packaging nearly all the common spices found in your pantry, they also have a variety of steak, BBQ and fajita seasoning blends. These products can now be purchased in retail stores all over the Southern United States. 

The first product I got my hands on was their original steak seasoning. Like all TexJoy products, the Steak Seasoning is packaged with a bright yellow label and their contrasting red label. My sample came in a 5.25 oz. shaker, but most of their seasonings are available in a variety of sizes.  

The first three ingredients listed on the package are salt, garlic and black pepper. As far as I'm concerned, that's a pretty good place to start (and stop) for steak seasoning. It also lists "other spices" and MSG. Oddly, the seasoning primarily orange in color which may provide hints of what the "other spices" are. The spices are finely ground making it difficult to spot the individual elements. 

I've been using this seasoning regularly on everything from steaks to fish and vegetables. It's essentially become my salt replacement and all purpose seasoning. For steaks, I prefer a more coarsely ground seasoning blend. However, it's been pretty tasty on fish and veggies. 

In today's crowded market, TexJoy's Steak Seasoning does little to stand out. I've used the product with moderate success, but it doesn't quite rate as a top shelf option. However, it does work well as a seasoned salt for nearly any application as long as you're not scared off by the inclusion of MSG.

Check out TexJoy's entire line of seasonings, spices and coffee online HERE

Rating: (3/5)

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