Recipe: Armadillo Eggs

Looking for the perfect manly finger food to serve at your next football party? Armadillo eggs are a cousin to the ABT and are a favorite on the BBQ trail. These spicy, creamy and meaty treats are more than a mouthful.

3-4 large jalapenos (or sweet banana peppers)
2 lbs of breakfast sausage
1/2 cup of shredded cheese
4 oz cream cheese

Yields 18-24 Eggs
Cook / Prep Time: 75 minutes

Quarter the peppers and remove the seeds. For the larger peppers, you may need to cut them into several chunks.

Mix the cream cheese and shredded cheese together in a bowl. This will be your filling for the peppers.

Cram each section of pepper with the cheese mixture. Fill each cavity completely.

Take a portion of the sausage and press it into a thin patty. Center the cheese filled pepper in the patty and wrap the sausage evenly around the pepper. Press and seal the edges.

If you spread your sausage thin, 2 lbs should yield 24 eggs. Mine were on the thick side so I only got 18. Season the eggs with your favorite BBQ rub and cook them @ 325 for 30-45 (depending on thickness). These absolutely work best on the smoker (with mesquite wood), but can be done in the oven as well. You'll miss out on that added smokey flavor element, but they'll still be tasty.

Don't be alarmed if some of that molten hot cream cheese squirts out of the eggs. It's bound to happen. Some people sauce these, but they have enormous flavor on their own. I didn't find sauce necessary.

Armadillo Eggs are great served whole and hot off the smoker, but they're also excellent chilled and sliced. Slices also make delicious toppings for homemade pizza.

There are numerous recipes for Armadillo Eggs on the web, but the inspiration for this particular recipe was drawn from

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