Country BBQ (High Point, NC)

Country BBQ opened their third location in North High Point less than a year ago. Like the other BBQ joints in High Point, Country BBQ roasts their meats in large rotisserie ovens. While I still have a difficult time understanding how these places call their food BBQ, I admit that their roasted pork is usually pretty tasty.

Country BBQ's menu is quite typical for a Lexington style joint. As is my practice anytime I visit a Carolina style joint for the first time, I ordered a chopped plate (pictured). While most joints in the area allow the choice of two sides with a plate, Country BBQ's plate comes with slaw and fries.

The pork was moist and tender. It had be tossed in a tangy finishing sauce for added flavor. Katie's coarse chopped pork, on the other hand, was quite bland. There was no evidence of any sauce being added.

While the food was decent, I would have a hard time recommending Country BBQ with so many other BBQ options in town. The prices are slightly more than Carter Brothers and Joes. While the portion sizes and quality of side items don't quite compare either.

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  1. Ron says:

    Gotta totally disagree with Derek's comments. I've been eating Lexington style bbq since I was a kid. Country bbq's version comes really darn close. I prefer it over Stamey's and Kepley's, but have to admit I've not tried Carter's yet.

    kelly says:


    Angel17 says:

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