Alisha's Kitchen Lip Lick'N Lemon Pepper

Though Alisha's Kitchen products are primarily designed for BBQ, she's also branched out with a steak seasoning and her Lip Lick'N Lemon Pepper. Whether you season the dish at the table, or use the lemon pepper in a marinade, Lip Lick'N Lemon Pepper provides a citrus kick to chicken and seafood.

In addition to black pepper and lemon seasoning, Alisha's blend is also quite salty. This seasoning is a nice alternative to traditional salt and pepper. I used the product on baked salmon and steamed vegetables. Both dishes benefited from the extra flavor provided by Alisha's seasoning. I would recommend the seasoning as a flavor boost for relatively neutral meats like chicken breasts and white fish. Another possibility would be mixing it with flour and/or cornmeal for a tasty fish or chicken breader.

For more info about Alisha's Kitchen products, click the title of this review. See our "Product Reviews" page for Alisha's Lip Lick'N Lemon Pepper rating.

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