BBQ Joe's (High Point, NC)

Despite making weekly lunch visits and picking up the occasional dinner take-out order, I recently realized that I have yet to give one of my favorite local joints a proper review. BBQ Joe's opened in South High Point in late 2007. They opened for business in a building that seemed snake bitten. Restaurants seemed to open and close with the changing of the seasons at this location. Joe not only managed to stay in business during a recession, he's also turned a once desolate building into the best lunch spot in the entire city.  

BBQ Joe's operates on simple principles. They cook and serve delicious, homemade food quickly, and with a smile. Better still, they make it affordable. BBQ Joe's is a traditional Western (or Lexington) North Carolina BBQ joint. Hickory smoked chopped pork is their specialty, but they also serve up burgers, ribs, roasted chicken and some of the best sliced brisket East of Texas.

One thing that sets Joe's apart from other joints in the area is their array of homemade sauces. Joe has dared to break from tradition by offering up a Chipotle, Southern Carolina Mustard and sweet and tangy "Joe's" sauce. I haven't tried every sauce, but the ones I have sampled have been excellent. There's no doubt, however, that the signature sauce is the one named for the owner and pitmaster. Joe's sauce is a sweet red glaze that is great on just about anything. I love it on the brisket and chopped pork. I always make a point to order an extra side of the sauce to dip my hushpuppies in.

Joe's offers about a dozen choices for side items that range from cole slaw to fried okra. Their ring style hushpuppies are served with every plate and tray as well. Hushpuppies are among my favorite treats and nobody does them better than BBQ Joe's.

In addition to the restaurant, Joe's offers full service catering. With his giant new smoker, Joe and his catering team can handle large events. Joe's recently catered the Christmas lunch for my employer, serving 500+ hungry guests.

If you ever find yourself in High Point and hungry for BBQ, there is only one place I can recommend. Stop by BBQ Joe's for lunch, dinner or anytime you need your BBQ fix. If you're fixin to visit Joe for lunch, expect a crowd. High Point residents in the know will be lined up waiting for a table.

For more info about BBQ Joe's, check out their Facebook Page. See how BBQ Joe's compares to other great BBQ joints on our "BBQ Ratings" page.

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