Alisha's Kitchen Honey BBQ Sauce

Alisha Wilbert of Alisha's Kitchen has been around BBQ since she was nine years old. Her family owned a small BBQ take-out business while she was a child. Over the years, she cultivated her love and knowledge of BBQ eventually leading to Georgia's competition circuit. She naturally progressed to produce her own line of sauces and seasonings.

Alisha provided samples of several of her products for The "Q" Review. The first product I had a chance to use was her Honey BBQ Sauce. I was looking for a sweet sauce to offset the salty, spicy that I'd used on a smoked pork butt.

I cracked the seal on a 12 oz. glass bottle and poured a bit into a sample cup. The rich tomato sauce was medium / thick and poured smoothly. The aroma was mild and familiar. The sweetness was easy to detect. I also picked up the smell of liquid hickory smoke.

Though Alisha resides in Georgia, her sauce follows the Kansas City tradition of sweet, smokey tomato sauces. Her Honey BBQ Sauce is sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. The smokiness and mild spices all blend well to create the type of sauce that everyone can enjoy. It's flavors are sophisticated enough for Mom and Dad, but mild enough to be kid friendly.

The sauce's texture and flavor makes it versatile enough for most BBQ applications. I poured it over pulled pork. Alisha recommends her sauce for brushing on ribs and chicken. The sauce could be enjoyable as a dip, but I would recommend taking Alisha's advice and brushing it on a slow smoked rack of ribs. Pair this Honey BBQ Sauce with Alisha's rub for a winning combination.

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