Alisha's Kitchen "The Rub"

Alisha Wilbert has worked in the restaurant business and spent time judging and competing at BBQ competitions. Over the years, she's accumulated a wealth of knowledge and an appreciation for great BBQ. She has used that passion and experience to create her own signature line of BBQ sauces and seasonings.

This week, I got the opportunity to use Alisha's BBQ rub, appropriately named "The Rub." The Rub is a unique blend of 20 herbs and spices. Alisha uses a sugar / paprika base that is balanced with salt, garlic and a complex variety of herbs. While many of the ingredients are BBQ rub standards, Alisha also includes exotic flavors like curry and tumeric.

I used The Rub on a rack of babyback ribs. The rub turned out to be an excellent choice for the ribs. There is ALOT going on in Alisha's rub. There are so many contrasting flavors. It's remarkable how well she was able to blend all the ingredients. The rub manages to be both sweet, savory and even slightly spicy.

Alisha's Kitchen The Rub is one of the best BBQ rubs that I've reviewed recently. In addition to being incredibly flavorful, it's also very aromatic. I loved it on the ribs, but I could see it being equally good on beef and chicken.

Want to order "The Rub"? Click the title of this review for more info. See how "The Rub" rates on our "Product Review" page.

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