Bill's Best Organic BBQ Sauce

Bill Fehon (Pennsylvania) created the recipe for Bill's Best Organic BBQ Sauce in the early 90s. A teacher by day, Bill was an avid fisherman, hunter and cook as well. He combined his love of food and the outdoors to nurture a passion for BBQ. After sharing his recipe with friends and family, he eventually decided to bottle and sell his sauce to the public. Sadly, Bill was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Degeneration in 2009 and is no longer able to make his signature sauce. His family has since carried the mantle and continued producing and distributing Bill's Best. In his honor, the Fehon family donates 10% of the sauce's earnings to support Frontotemporal Degeneration research and awareness.

Bill's Best Original BBQ Sauce is packaged in 18 oz. bottles. Evidence that this sauce is a family affair can be seen all over the bottle. The label features Fehon family photos as well as a letter from the family. Overall, the packaging is really appealing and the sauce looks great in the bottle.

As I smelled the sauce, I could actually pick out several of the individual ingredients. The sweet ketchup scent and vinegar tang were easy to identify. There was also a slight hint of liquid smoke and spice.

Bill's Best is a thick, dark red sauce is the tradition of Kansas City style sauces. However, it's a bit more tangy than your average KC sauce. It's also not quite as smokey. The sauce is nice and sweet with just the faintest hint of cayenne spice in the finish.

Bill's Best is USDA certified organic making it a rare commodity in the BBQ world. The sauce is gluten and HFCS free. Bill and his family are obviously committed to producing a delicious product using only the highest quality ingredients.

I used Bill's Best on pulled pork sandwiches and in the BBQ chicken dip that I made for my daughter's birthday party. The sauce is good for a variety of uses. It's fairly thick making it ideal for brushing on ribs and chicken as they finish on the grill.

If you like a thick, sweet and tangy sauces, Bill's Best may be what you're looking for. The fact that it's organic is an added bonus. To learn more about Bill's Best, click the title of this review. See how Bill's Best rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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