Butcher BBQ Sauce and Premium BBQ Rub

Butcher BBQ products were designed with the competition circuit in mind. Their rubs, injections and sauce were each formulated to meat the high standards of competition cooks and judges. As a competition team themselves, Butcher BBQ knows what it takes to compete and win against the best in the country.

Butcher BBQ's Sweet BBQ Sauce is packaged in 18 oz. plastic bottles. The sauce is dark red/brown and speckled with spices. It has what I would consider a medium thickness. It pours smooth and quickly.

Butcher BBQ's Sweet BBQ Sauce is much more than a one note sweet sauce. In addition to a rich, brown sugar sweetness, the sauce has a complimentary note of spice that balances the flavor. The finish is slightly tangy with a hint of pepper spice.

I used the sauce in conjunction with Butcher BBQ Premium BBQ Rub on grilled chicken and a whole pork loin. The sweet and smokey flavors from the rub paired well with the sauce. The Premium BBQ Rub is a sugar and salt blend that is highlighted by common rub spices like paprika and garlic.

Both products are great for chicken and pork. They also work well in conjunction with one another. The flavor for each product was obviously formulated with other one in mind.

Butcher's Premium BBQ Rub is a solid option for seasoning pork or chicken BBQ. However, the sauce is what really stands out. The flavors are rich and complex with an added kick that most sweet sauces don't have.

For additional information about Butcher BBQ products, click here to see their website. See how their products compare to others on our "Product Reviews" page.

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