The Texas Brush

A quality grill brush is a necessity for anyone cooking on gas grills or charcoal smokers. Keeping the grill grate clean is an important component to producing great tasting BBQ. Whether you're a backyard grill master or a BBQ competitor, you need not look any further than Texas to keep your grilling surface clean. The makers of The Texas Grill Brush can meet your needs, great or small. 

The Texas Grill Brush was created in Beaumont, TX in 1996. Two retirees began hand crafting quality brushes for the passionate BBQ enthusiasts in the area. The operation quickly took off and developed into a company that now supplies grill brushes to cooks, competitors and restaurants all over the country.

The Texas Brush is handle and block is made from dried, unblemished wood providing a sturdy, attractive design. The brush head uses tempered carbon steel that holds up well to the extreme heat of the grill's surface. The original Texas Brush comes with a dual angled head featuring standard and coarse sides.

The Texas Brush is produced in 3 standard models. The original features a 4ft long wood handle. This monster is perfect for commercial and competitive cooking. The brush allows you to scrape the far reaches of nearly any surface without having to lean over the hot grill. For smaller grills and home use, the 2ft. long Texas Jr. Brush is ideal. It features the same dual sided head as the original with a shorter, easier to manage handle. Lastly, there's the Texas Horseshoe brush. This brush sports a powder coated steel handle and single sided brush head.

All three Texas Brushes are great for various uses, but if you've got something else in mind, The Texas Brush company can customize a brush to your specific standards. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to make exactly what you're looking for.

The Texas Brush can be purchased online or at several retail stores. For more information about The Texas Brush, click the title of this review. See how The Texas Brush rates compared to other fine products on the "Product Reviews" page.

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