Cook's BBQ - Lexington, NC

"Hidden Gem" is the only term to appropriately describe Cook's BBQ. According to this website, Lexington has eleven BBQ joints. Most of them are located downtown or on one of the highways that pass through the town. Cook's, on the other hand, is nearly off the map.

The drive to Cook's is an interesting trip that requires a navigation system. It's several twists and turns away from Highway 8 and there is very little signage to point the way. Even as one rolls down the gravel drive and into the parking lot, it's difficult to believe that the destination has been reached.

The building is worn and unassuming. The exterior is planked with rustic wood and brick. The rustic look is continued inside. The multi room interior is dimly lit and filled with the aroma of hickory smoke.

Based on some online recommendations, I ordered a chopped pork and sliced beef combo plate with fries and white slaw. The beef was moist and flavorful, but not well trimmed. There was still a lot of fat to pick around. The chopped pork was the star of the show. The flavor was pure hickory goodness. Katie and I both agreed that it was the best Lexington style "Q" that we'd ever had.

While at Cook's, a buddy of mine also introduced me to a new treat, pork skins. These are nothing like the pork rinds at your local supermarket. They're dense, crispy and delicious.

Cook's is difficult to find, but worth the effort. They've apparently built a business based on the loyalty of the locals. For me, the out of the way location is part of Cook's charm. For a true Lexington BBQ experience, I would recommend Cook's to everyone.

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