Ted's Kickin Chicken Sauce

My co-worker, Joe, knows good chicken. So, when Joe said that he had a sauce for me to try from one of his favorite chicken joints, I was happy to test it out. Like many North Carolinians, Joe is a fan of Ted's. Ted's Kickin Chickin (or Famous Chicken) is indeed famous in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Ted's has four North Carolina locations and is known for their made to order wings and spicy sauces.

Joe gave me a bottle of Ted's regular sauce (also available in Extra Hot or Suicide) to try on my own chicken. For Sunday's lunch, I marinated and grilled chicken breasts, brushing the chicken with Ted's sauce just before pulling it off the grill.

The sauce is a cross between a traditional mild buffalo sauce and a medium heat hot sauce like Texas Pete. The result is a sauce that is a bit too thin for glazing, but just about right for dipping. I used the grilled chicken to make Buffalo Chicken wraps w/ sauteed peppers and onions. Each wrap got a healthy dose of Ted's sauce before serving. For those who enjoy buffalo wings with just a little kick, Ted's regular sauce is a fine choice.

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