Knox's Spice Yummy Chicken Rub

Knox's Spice Company makes the hiqhest quality spice rubs from premium all natural ingredients. Thus far, I've reviewed their Cracked Pepper Rub and Chipotle BBQ Seasoning. Both were excellent, but neither of them can match their Yummy Chicken rub.

Yummy Chicken rub completely captures the essense of roasted chicken. I've never encountered a spice blend quite like it. It's a perfect blend of aromatic herbs and spices. The ingredients are simple and familiar. There is nothing truly exceptional about any of the parts individually. It's not until the coarsely ground spices are mixed in the appropriate proportions, that the blend becomes special.

I first used Yummy Chicken on homemade chicken and noodles. The great thing about this blend is that it completely negates the need for any additional seasoning. It's an all inclusive seasoning for chicken dishes. Though Yummy Chicken was excellent on the chicken and noodles, there is no doubt that it's best used on roasted whole chicken.
Whole fryers were on sale this week so I picked up several for the freezer and reserved one for a weeknight dinner. The prep was simple. I didn't brine the bird. I just stuffed it with onions and a quarter stick of butter. I brushed the exterior with olive oil and seasoned the bird with Yummy Chicken Rub.

Knox's Spice Company Yummy Chicken Rub has most definitely become my favorite seasoning for roasted chicken. The herbs provide a comforting smell and taste that can't be beat. Even if you've got a standard roasted chicken recipe that you already swear by, I suggest you give Yummy Chicken Rub a try. It will very likely become your new standard.

To learn more about Yummy Chicken Rub and other great products from Knox's Spice Co., click the title of this review. See how Yummy Chicken Rub compares to other dry spice blends on the "Product Reviews" page.

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