Bandana's BBQ Memphis Style Sauce

Though I haven't heaped a whole lot of praise on Bandana's BBQ sauces so far, I found their Memphis Style sauce to be the best of the bunch. This sauce is a bit thinner than the other varieties that I've tried. It also has a deeper, more complex flavor.

Memphis Style is rich and dark with a nice spicy finish. I found the sauce to be a pretty good representation of the Memphis traditions. I had the opportunity to sample some Memphis "Q" last summer. This sauce would have fit right in with the others that I tasted.

Bandana's Memphis Style works as a dip or a finishing sauce. I tried it on smoked chicken and pulled pork sandwiches. The bold flavor was good on both meats. If Memphis is the style of "Q" that fits your tastebuds, Bandana's Memphis Style sauce is a pretty good option. Brush it on ribs and chicken or pour it over pulled pork and enjoy.

To learn more about Bandana's sauces, click the title of this review. Click the "Product Reviews" page to see how Memphis Style compares to other BBQ sauces.

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