Herr's Barbecue Baked Potato Crisps

Herr's doesn't limit their snack production to typical fried potato chips. They also produce a line of baked potato crisps. Like their regular potato chips, the crisps come in a variety of flavors. Of course, I'm hear to review the Barbecue flavored crisps.

The baked crisps definitely have lighter texture. There is considerably less oil present. They are very thin and have an excellent crunch. The crisps are heavily seasoned with a salty, savory blend. Though the calorie count may be reduced by baking the snacks, these crisps actually have a higher sodium content than Herr's fried potato chips.

The chips have a decent BBQ flavor and should satisfy your salty snack cravings. Many people (like my wife) actually prefer the lighter texture and flavor of baked chips (crisps). My preference is still a greasy kettle cooked chip, but it doesn't hurt to back off the grease every now and then and reach for a lighter alternative.

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