Red Bros BBQ Original Sweet Sauce

Red Brother's BBQ sauce was created by John and Chris Layton using an old family recipe. Like most small sauce companies, the brothers began by serving the sauce to friends and family. Two years ago they teamed up and decided to bottle and sell their sauce. They currently feature three varieties: Original Sweet, Premium Spicy and Fiery Habanero. They also plan to introduce a Carolina BBQ sauce shortly. Using their own sauces, the brothers recently tried their luck on the competition circuit. In a relatively short amount of time, they've won multiple awards.

The first sauce I sampled was the Original Sweet. I took the sauce to a get together with friends to get some additional input. We used the sauce (along with 2 others) as a dip for popcorn chicken nuggets. Original Sweet is bright red with a medium thickness. The sauce is definitely sweet, but it also had an odd finish to the flavor that I couldn't place. It was the consensus favorite of the three sauces that we sampled, but the praise was generally moderate.

After tasting the sauce initially, I decided it may be better suited for a different use. I heated the remainder of the sauce slightly and poured it on a smokey pulled pork sandwich. Red Brother's Original Sweet is definitely the type of sauce best served warm. I enjoyed the sauce a great deal more on the pulled pork sandwich. The sweet sauce really complimented the pork well.

Red Brother's Original Sweet is a quality option for sweet sauce lovers. I would recommend using it warm as a glaze for ribs and grilled chicken. It's also quite good poured over pulled pork. Heat is the key with this sauce. I look forward to testing their other flavors.

Click the title of this blog to see the Red Brother's website. To see how Red Brother's Original Sweet sauce compares to other sauces, see the "Product Reviews" page.

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