Squeler's Smokey Sweet BBQ Sauce

Squealers originated in 1999 as a competition cooking team. They travelled the country competing and selling their BBQ. During their days on the competition circuit, the Squealer's team honed their techniques and recipes until they settled on the award winning formulas used today.

In 2001, Squealers opened their first restaurant in Mooresville, IN. The BBQ was such a hit that they've since opened a second location in Indianapolis. Both Squealers locations offer "Southern Style" BBQ slow smoked with hickory and cherry wood. Much of their "Q" is covered in their award winning BBQ sauce.

The Squealers team was kind enough to send bottles of their Smokey Sweet and Smokin Hot BBQ sauces to be reviewed. The minute I opened the package from Squealers, I knew I had a rib sauce. Numerous awards received from ribfest competitions were listed right on the bottle. Everything about the color and texture of the sauce screamed, "Brush me on ribs!"

This weekend I finally got the opportunity to use Squealers' Smokey Sweet sauce on spare ribs from Tender Grass Farms. Squealer's sauce is aptly named. The sauce is both smokey and sweet in equal measure. It was slightly thinner than I had expected, but still plenty thick to brush on the ribs.

When I first sampled the sauce out of the bottle, I didn't have a strong reaction. The sauce tasted "good", but not exceptional. I actually thought it lacked a bit of sweetness. However, it's not fair to simply judge a sauce by its initial out of the bottle flavor. Most sauces are formulated to be cooked and paired with meat. Brushing the sauce on the ribs as they finished on the grill brought out the added dimension of rich sweetness. The sauce brushed on beautifully and gave the ribs a beautiful glossy finish. 

Squealers Smokey Sweet is an exceptional rib sauce. While it's good as a dip or poured over meat, the sauce's true calling is as a grilling glaze. Brush the sauce liberally on ribs or chicken as they finish grilling. You won't be disappointed.

Squealers BBQ sauces can be purchased at either the Mooresville or Indianapolis location. If you're ever in the area, it may be worth picking up a bottle. Ordering the sauce online will set you back $9.45 from americanspice.com. Learn more about Squealers by clicking the title of this review. You can also see how Squealers Smokey Sweet sauce compares to other sauces on the "Product Reviews" page.

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