Kozlowski Farm's B2 Steak Sauce

I've really enjoyed  sampling and reviewing Kozlowski Farm's chipotle grilling sauces. They've all been delicious, and made from the highest quality ingredients. My affinity for previous Kozlowski Farm's products created pretty high levels of anticipation for testing their B2 Steak Sauce.

B2 Steak Sauce is a unique "California Style" blend featuring garlic, citrus, soy and worcestershire sauce as well a hint of Cabernet Sauvignon. Like most steak sauces, B2 is fairly thin limiting it's uses to dipping and perhaps marinating. The color is also unique for steak sauce. The best color comparison I can think of is Heinz 57 sauce. However, B2 is slightly darker and speckled with black.

As I've come to expect from Kozlowski Farms, the flavor of B2 Steak Sauce was robust and fresh. The sauce has a lot of zip, zing or tang.....whichever you prefer. The citrus and vinegar really stand out, but it's definitely not a one note sauce. There is a boldness to B2 that I find to be a necessity in good steak sauce. B2, however, is not just a "good" steak sauce. It's the best steak sauce I've had to date.

I used B2 on a peppercorn grilled flat iron steak, cheese steak subs and venison loin chops. It was fantastic on all three. I've always thought that a good steak sauce needed to be able to hold it's own against the strong savory flavors of beef. If the sauce is overpowered by the beef, what is the point of using sauce at all? Kozlowski Farms' B2 Steak Sauce is a perfect compliment to nearly any form of beef. It would be great on burgers. If you're looking to add something extra to grilled chicken, B2 may be a good option as well.

Kozlowski Farms B2 Steak Sauce exceeded my expectations. Though all of their products seem to be first rate, B2 Steak Sauce is my new favorite. For more information on B2 Steak Sauce and all of Kozlowski Farms' products, click the title of this review. You can see how B2 compares to other sauces on the "Product Reviews" page.

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