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The origins of Bubba's Finger Lickin' Throat Ticklin' Barbeque Sauce stem from an old family recipe from Clint Sarvis, co-founder of S&S Sauces, LLC (Youngsville, NC). Clint credits his mother with the original recipe. His family used the sauce on brisket and pork throughout his childhood. As an adult, Clint assumed the sauce duties for family cookouts and grilling sessions. After using the sauce for a family cookout on Fathers Day (2011), Clint's family finally talked him into bottling and selling Bubba's Sauce.

The first commercially produced batch of Bubba's Finger Lickin' Throat Ticiklin' Barbeque Sauce was just recently completed. The "Q" Review was lucky enough to sample a jar from the first run thanks to Clint's wife, Jenny, who happens to be a co-worker of mine. Bubba's sauce is sold in 18.4 oz mason jars with an animated logo dreamed up by Clint and created by a local artist.

I cracked the seal on the new jar this weekend. The sauce has a glossy red color and is speckled with spices. It's quite thin compare to most commerically produced sauces. Though I tend to prefer a thinner sauce, this does limit Bubba's uses to marinating and dipping.

Ingredients like apple cider, brown sugar and honey blend nicely for a deep initial sweetness. The sauce finishes with a bold vinegar tang and just a slight note of spice. The sweet and tangy blend truly lives up to the moniker "Finger Lickin' Throat Ticklin'."

This sauce is rooted in the rich Carolina tradition of tangy vinegar sauces. However, it takes the concept to another level by combining sweet, tomato based elements. Much like Dimples and Nickamillion, I call these regional blends, "transitional sauces." Bubba's stays a bit more true to the Carolina style than the others that I mentioned.

After trying the sauce out of the bottle, I knew it was meant to poured over pork. As luck would have it, I still had a couple pounds of pulled pork in freezer. The sweetness and tang of Bubba's sauce was very good on the smokey pork.

If you enjoy sweet and tangy flavors in your BBQ, Bubba's Finger Lickin' Throat Ticklin' Barbeque Sauce is an excellent option. The vinegar tang may be a bit too much for individuals unfamiliar with Carolina style BBQ, but I have a feeling that people in this region will love it.

Bubbas can now be found at Harris Teeter stores throughout the Triad. You can also purchase Bubba's sauce directly from the source. Email Clint & Jenny - bubbassauceNC@yahoo.com to place an order. You can also find them on Facebook.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have had people tell me thats its great on grilled shrimp and great as a glazing sauce because of the honey content. It does not burn on the grill so my fav. is on RIBS which me and my dad started using it on. we took my moms sauce and tinker'd with it till we came up with this. The most crazy thing i have heard anyone try it on is sardines and one guy said he tried it on icecream. I have had several people tell me they could drink it. And the last thing i have heard the most people say they like it on grilled chicken. I also want to say thanks to Derek for taking the time to look at our sauce and review it. I hope you like it enough to try it on some of the other suggestions. so thanks again.

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