Doomer's "Q" Sauce (Dark)

Doomer's "Q" is the creation of a guy named Todd, aka "Doomer". Doomer grew up loving to cook and honed his skills in his grandmother's kitchen as well as several restaurant kitchens. In 2005, Doomer created his own BBQ sauce and began serving it to friends and family. Inevitably, friends began asking for samples of the sauce which led Doomer to the decision to bottle and sell Doomer's Q.

Todd (Doomer) describes his sauces as "Maryland Style". They are intentionally thinner than most commercial sauces so that they may be used effectively as a marinade as well as a finishing sauce. There are currently three varieties of Doomer's Q, Original, Dark and Hot & Spicy.

The first Doomer Q sauce that I sampled was the Dark. As expected, the sauce was indeed...dark. The aroma is rich and smokey and the thin sauce pours smoothly like chocolate sauce. This is appropriate considering what makes Doomer's Dark sauce dark is the addition of dark chocolate syrup.

I first used Doomer's Q Dark sauce as a dip for popcorn chicken bites at a gathering with friends. I wanted to get some additional input on the novelty and effectiveness of using chocolate sauce. The reviews were mixed. While nobody flat out disliked the sauce, it may have been a bit too unusual for wide praise.

Personally, I'm on the fence as well. I like the creativity shown by Doomer's, but I'm not sure I enjoy the flavor. The initial flavor of Doomer's Q is pleasantly sweet and smokey. The chocolate is only evident in the aftertaste. It's this unusual finish that will be the tipping point for people assessing Doomer's Q Dark. Those that love dark chocolate will probably give the sauce a thumbs up. Those that don't, well...

Learn more about Doomer's Q, click the title of this review. Be sure to check the "Product Reviews" page to see how I rated this sauce.

2 Response to "Doomer's "Q" Sauce (Dark)"

  1. Doomer says:

    I'd also recommend grilling something up and finishing it with some Dark! It gives the meat a great smokey sweet flavor! Thanks for trying it out!

    Dave says:

    We really like the dark sauce on grilled chicken. So good!

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