Knox's Spice Chipotle BBQ Seasoning

Knox's Spice Co. is the result of sibling rivalry between Bryan and Tim Knox. According to their website, Bryan and Tim began experimenting with dry rub spice blends several years ago. As is often the case with brothers, their hobby developed into a competition. The brothers continually searched for the highest quality, all natural ingredients to improve their spice blends.

In 2005, the brothers joined forces turning their love of quality food and spices into Knox's Spice Co. As they've grown, the Knox company has continued its commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients for all of their spice blends. They have also made the move to glass packaging in an effort to increase the shelf life of their product and decrease waste.

Knox's currently produces five different blends. I've been lucky enough to sample all but their Jamaican Jerk Rub. The first product that I sampled was their Chipotle BBQ Rub. Rather than using it to season BBQ, I followed the advice from a Knox's recipe card and added a tablespoon of Chipotle BBQ Rub to some mayo. I used the spiced up condiment to give an extra kick to BLTs. Combined with the mayo, the chipotle spice was phenomenal. I could put that stuff on just about anything.

I later used the Chipotle BBQ Rub for grilled chicken. The rub was both aromatic and flavorful. The chipotle blend provided both earthy, Southwest spice and a bit of sweetness. The flavors were an excellent partner for the marinated chicken breast. Knox's website recommends their Chipotle BBQ Rub for everything from Brisket to popcorn. My recommendation for this product would be to use it on grilled or smoked chicken & pork.

The importance of dry spices is often underestimated by home cooks. Knox's knows the value of all natural ingredients. Their commitment to quality is quite evident in each of their products. To see how Knox's Chipotle BBQ Rub compares to other spice blends, check the "Product Reviews" page.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Selena says:

    I'm sure this seasoning or herbs and spices are perfect for chicken BBQ. IS it advisable for pork BBQ?

    Derek says:

    It certainly could be used for pork...especially if you're going for a Southwestern flavor profile. I personally prefer a sweeter rub for pork bbq, it's just a matter of taste.

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