Demon Pig BBQ Blaze Orange

The recipe for Demon Pig BBQ sauce took nearly twenty years to perfect. According to the Demon Pig website, the current Demon Pig sauce is the result of a great deal of trial and error. Lucky for us, the folks at Demon Pig are persistant. Their work has definitely paid off.

Demon Pig BBQ was kind enough to send sauce to be sampled as well as additional bottles for a free sauce giveaway. The first bottle that I tried was their Blaze Orange. This sauce was created in response to fans of the original Demon Pig sauce that were looking for a little more heat.

I first used Blaze Orange to coat chicken wings. The consistancy was perfect for the wings. It was thick enough to cling to the wings leaving a sweet, sticky glaze. I was blown away with the first taste of Demon Pig's Blaze Orange. It has everything that I love in a BBQ sauce. It's intially sweet and smokey. The sauce finishes with a nice lip tingling medium heat burn.

I've sinced used the sauce to glaze grilled chicken and cover beef brisket. There is no doubt the best application for Demon Pig sauces was as a grill glaze. It coated the meat perfectly. The medium thickness made the sauce great for brushing. It also gave the chicken an attractive glossy shine. Free sauce giveaway winner, Dustin Hall also raved about Blaze Orange on chicken.

Demon Pig's Blaze Orange sauce is one of the best grilling glazes I've ever used. It was excellent on chicken and would be outstanding on ribs as well. Check out the "Product Reviews" page to see how Demon Pig's Blaze Orange compares to other sauces.

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