Bone Suckin' Seasoning & Rub

I'm always happy to test out all natural Bone Suckin' products. They never seem to disappoint. Their Seasoning & Rub is a quality all purpose blend that works great on just about everything. I've been using this product all summer on everything from smoked ribs and chicken to roasted vegetables.

The product was originally labeled as a rib rub, but was recently changed due to the diverse uses shared by Bone Suckin customers. The spice blend does, however, make a fine rib rub. It's very similar to my own rub recipe.

Though I have a cabinet full of spices, I found myself returning to Bone Suckin's Seasoning Rub again and again. Whether I was smoking, grilling, roasting or stir frying, this all purpose blend always seemed to be the first thing I reached for.

Bone Suckin's Seasoning & Rub uses brown sugar and paprika as its base. Though it contains salt, it's not a high sodium blend at all. In fact, I've found that one of the product's best uses is as a salt alternative. Bone Suckin gave my dishes the extra flavor that I was looking for without uneccesary sodium.

Bone Suckin' Seasoning & Rub gets my highest recommendation. Its versatility makes the product an essential element to your spice rack or cabinet. Check out the "Product Reviews" page to see how this spice blend compares to other products.

4 Response to "Bone Suckin' Seasoning & Rub"

  1. i agree, I loved this stuff

    Unknown says:

    Yep, I keep trying other rubs, but this one has that "certain taste" that is just "right" to me. Loved their bbs sauce for years and just found the rub when I got a smoker. Yum.

    Unknown says:

    This run stained my stainless steel dishwasher, mixing bowl, and cutlery. It also stained my porcelain bowls and dishes washed inside the dishwasher. My husband scrubbed with steel wool, but it only removed the residue. The stains remained. Never buying it again! My dishwasher is permanently discolored. I'm afraid to put anything in it.

    Lol. Loser

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