Kozlowski Farms Blueberry & Orange Roasted Chipotle

Kozlowski Farm's chipotle grilling sauces are a unique blend of sweet and smokey. I really enjoyed the pomegranate pineapple and apricot mango varieties. This week I put Kozlowski's Blueberry & Orange Roasted Chipotle Grilling sauce to good use.

Like the other chipotle sauces, the blueberry orange sauce has a deep, smokey aroma. It also pours thick and chunky like a fruity ice cream topping. I initially used the sauce as a dip for chicken. Though I really enjoyed the other chipotle sauces as dips, the blueberry, orange sauce was a bit too tart. The smokey chipotle finish was still present, but didn't do enough to offset the strong initally berry flavors.

Though I didn't particularly enjoy the sauce as a dip, it worked much better as a grilling glaze. I brushed grilled chicken thighs with the thick chipotle sauce just before they finished cooking. As a finishing glaze, the berry tartness was much more subdued. The flavors were still present, but well balanced.

I would still recommend apricot mango and pomegranate pineapple before blueberry orange. However, this sauce is a very effective grilling glaze. If you are looking for a unique, upscale finishing sauce for chicken or porkloin, Kozlowski Farm's chipotle grilling sauces are an excellent choice.

To see how Kozlowski's blueberry chipotle sauce compares to other sauces, check the "Product Reviews" page.

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