Tailgating @ The Big House

Thanks to a good friend, LD, I was fortunate enough to attend this week's Michigan v. Notre Dame game in Ann Arbor, MI. Saturday marked the first night game ever played in The Big House. It was a spectacle unlike anything I'd ever seen and the game was an all time classic.

Though kickoff was 8 p.m., we arrived on campus around 1 p.m. to take in the tailgating festivities. We headed directly for my aunt and uncle's (Tom and Luetta Richards) tailgate. Tom and Luetta have been parking their motor homes in the lots surrounding Michigan Stadium for twenty years. Two of their sons, Todd and Aaron, were receivers for the Maize and Blue in the 90s. After their playing careers ended, Tom and Luetta continued their tailgating ritual.

Tom and Luetta always have an enormous spread. This week's theme was Thanksgiving dinner. There was deep fried turkey, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, dressing, corn on the cob, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and a vast array of desserts and finger foods.

After stuffing ourselves with Thanksgiving dinner, LD and I decided to walk the grounds and take in some of the other tailgating action. Dozens of lots were filled with Wolverine and Irish fans. I was impressed with many of the tailgating setups. I'd never seen so many HD TVs.

Though there was no shortage of great parties going on, the food front was pretty basic. Most groups had small gas or charcoal grills filled with burgers, brats and dogs. The emphasis in Ann Arbor seemed to be more on beverages than food.

However, there was one custom built grill that I had to take a close look at. A small party of guys not far from Tom and Luetta's spot had a massive grill loaded with great looking chicken, sausage, potato wedges and strip steaks.
Saturday was a day (and night) that I'll never forget. The tailgating scene around Ann Arbor was fantastic. It's hard to imagine there being a better atmosphere for college football. The game itself, will go down as one of the truly great moments in the long history of these two proud programs.

To see more photos from Saturday, click this link. Tailgate Photos

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  1. cd says:

    That turkey looks freaking sweet!!!!!

    Derek says:

    That crispy fried skin was great. It was much better than a traditional roasted bird.

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