Knox's Spice Company Cracked Pepper Rub

Cracked Pepper Rub is the second product from Knox's Spice Company to be reviewed. Much like their Chipotle BBQ rub, this coarse, aromatic blend was concocted by the Knox brothers using the highest quality peppercorns and herbs. Cracked Pepper Rub also comes packaged in Knox's signature glass jar.

Knox's Spice Cracked Pepper Rub is the perfect compliment to beef. I used this rub on grilled burgers and steak. It was excellent on both occasions. The rub provides a great deal of pepper spice and is complimented by a variety of savory, earthy herbs. I applied the rub heavily on a flat iron steak and grilled it over high heat. The rub formed a beautiful and flavorful crust on the meat and kept the juices inside the steak where they belong.

Knox's Spice Cracked Pepper Rub is an exceptional seasoning blend. The spices do wonders with beef and would be great on grilled chicken as well. This product will abosultely become a fixture in my pantry. Click here to order your own Cracked Pepper Rub. You can also learn more about all of Knox's Spice Co's products by clicking the title of this review.

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