Charlie's Sticky Sauce (Stupid Hot)

Charlie's Sticky Sauce was born of necessity. As the story goes, Charlie once ran out of BBQ sauce while grilling for the family. Rather than panic, Charlie headed to the kitchen. Like a mad scientist, he whipped together a variety of ingredients to create his own signature sauce. Charlie then spent countless weekends refining his brew until he settled on the recipe for the original Charlie's Sticky Sauce.

In addition to their original sauce, Charlie also bottles Mid-Evil and Stupid Hot varieties. When my three bottles arrived, Stupid Hot was the sauce I had to try first. With descriptors like "Stupid Hot" and "Sticky" in the title, I pretty much knew what to expect when I opened the bottle. I wouldn't personally call it "Stupid Hot", but the heat level was substantial. It's enough to make your nose run.

Heat isn't the only thing Charlie's has to offer. The ultra thick sauce has a nice sweetness that isn't lost despite the spicy finish. The Stupid Hot sauce stays true to original flavor while simply pressing the action in the heat department.

I've used Charlie's sauce on BBQ chicken and pork. However, my favorite use for this sauce is making tacos. It's incredibly good with both beef and chicken tacos. Rather than using packaged taco seasoning, I stir in a couple squirts of Charlie's Sticky Sauce with the meat as it browns.

Charlie's Sticky Sauce is the first product from Canada to make its way to The "Q" Review.  People from certain regions of the country often feel like they've cornered the market on BBQ. However, one thing I've learned since starting The "Q" Review is that quality BBQ (and sauce) can be made anywhere there are people with a passion for "Q".

Click the title of this review to be directed to Charlie's website. You can also find them on Facebook. Check the "Product Reviews" page to see how Charlie's Stupid Hot sauce rates.

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    Anonymous says:

    I cannot find anywhere that sells this sauce any are they out of business?

    Unknown says:

    We're could I buy

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