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I'm fortunate enough to live in the South where my grilling season lasts throughout the year. For those living in the Northeast or Midwest, grilling may not sound too appealing in the winter months. For you unfortunate souls, a snow shovel may actually be categorized as grilling accessory in January. As winter beckons, people of the cold regions need not fret. Pan Grill It (Detroit, MI) has you covered.

Pan Grill It is a heavy duty cast iron grill pan insert that fits any standard 12" skillet. With Pan Grill It, you grill all of your favorites inside without dealing with frost bitten fingers. Simply preheat a skillet with Pan Grill It inside and add your favorite meat, seafood or vegetables for authentic grilled flavor.

In addition to bringing the grill indoors, Pan Grill It provides a number of other benefits. Like cooking on a traditional grill, Pan Grill It provides a low fat way to cook indoors. It can also be a lifesaver when camping or tailgating. Fix Pan Grill It over a camp fire for an instant grill. You can also place Pan Grill It over the grates on public grills to ensure a clean cooking surface.

I used the Pan Grill It for chicken breasts over the weekend. The Pan Grill It provided nice grill marks on the chicken while allowing the fat to drip down to the pan. It wasn't much different than using a regular gas grill. The only negative I can see with Pan Grill It is the clean up. Being cast iron, it's not dishwasher friendly. It can be difficult to get a wire brush in between the grates of the pan. If it's something that you're storing in a kitchen cupboard, you obviously don't want food chunks left on the pan when it's being stored.

To learn more about (or to order) Pan Grill It, click the title of this review. Pan Grill It is a versatile, durable and affordable gift option for home cooks and grill masters. Currently, you can order two Pan Grill It inserts for $39.90 with free shipping. Don't forget to see how Pan Grill It rates on the "Product Reviews" page.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had bought and use these often. Firing up the grill is always best for you and friends. However, when I'm by myself and want to grill a burger or chicken this works perfect. Fajitas and kabobs or even their recommended cinnamon french toast with breakfast sausage is great. The best thing I love about this product is the food never dries out and the food gets incredibly tastier with more uses because the cast iron savors the flavors

    Anonymous says:

    What a joke! $40.00 It's impossible to clean and my place stinks for days after using it.

    Anonymous says:

    Joke is that they are $25.00 not $40.00 and you didn't read the instructions. You most likley used butter or oils as it's already preseasoned. They clean just fine with an acrylic scrubber.

    Anonymous says:

    Cast iron cooking has a certain temperament to it, and with some care and patience, for me it is my most pleasurable cookware to cook with. I'm looking at purchasing this item in the very near future to compliment my ample collection of Lodge Cast Iron.

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    I will also buy this cast iron cooker .i will try to cook in my favorable kitchen for my family .I love cooking with cast iron.

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    find out says:

    Don't waste your money on these pans. they work for a few weeks, but after that you'll be using more and more oil to keep food from sticking. Eventually even the oil won't help. One of the worst kitchen utensils I ever bought. 

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