Butcher BBQ Honey Rub

Butcher BBQ (Chandler, OK) has a hand in nearly every facet of the BBQ world. In addition to competing in BBQ competitions and owning a custom meat processing facility, the folks at Butcher BBQ also produce a full line of BBQ injections and rubs. Their products are used by competition cooks all over the country.
I'd seen Butcher BBQ products being used by BBQ cooks that I admire and was anxious to give them a try.

The first product that I had a chance to use was Butcher BBQ's Honey Rub. This spice rub, like all of their rubs, comes in a large 16 oz. plastic shaker. The sweet rub combines sugar, salt, honey powder and a few additional spices to create a blend taylor made for chicken and pork.

I used the Honey Rub on a grilled pork loin. I coated the entire loin liberally with Honey Rub and seared it on all sides. I then reduced the heat and allowed the loin to cook through. The sweet rub was outstanding on the pork loin. The sugars carmelized nicely giving the loin great color. The honey powder is the key element. It brings a unique sweetness to the table. Most sweet rubs rely on brown sugar which has a much different flavor profile.

If you're a fan of adding sweet elements to your BBQ (as I am), Butcher BBQ's Honey Rub is a great option for pork or chicken. I also really enjoy the rub on potatoes. It's excellent as an alternative to salt and pepper on nearly every form of spud. I love it on mashed potatoes, french frys and tater tots.

For more information about Butcher BBQ products, click the title of this review. See how their Honey Rub compares to other spice rubs on the "Product Reviews" page.

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