Rufus Teague Touch O' Heat

Made in Kansas City, Rufus Teague sauces define what the city's BBQ tradition is all about. Rufus Teague makes three varieties of BBQ sauce as well as two meat (steak) sauces and two BBQ rubs. Rufus Teague sauces are among the most award winning products on the market. They've garnered top honors from the industry's biggest and best competitions.

All of Rufus Teague's sauces are packaged in heavy glass flasks and wrapped in a cool vintage label with a photo of Rufus himself. With out a doubt, Rufus' packaging is the most appealing that I've found. Everything about the packaging says quality.

Touch O' Heat is a thick, dark tomato sauce that was designed for brushing on ribs, beef and chicken. Characteristic of Kansas City BBQ sauces, Touch O' Heat is semi-sweet and smokey. Rufus Teague sweetens their sauces with brown sugar and molasses giving it a rich, full bodied flavor. Touch O' Heat finishes with a natural hickory smoke flavor and a "touch of heat".

I used Touch O' Heat on both pulled chicken and pork ribs. It was phenomenal on both meats, but I'd give the ribs a slight edge. The sauce was tailor made for brushing on meat as a finishing sauce. Rufus Teague balances sweet, smokey and spicy flavors better than just about anyone.

I'd thought that I had a pretty good handle on what Kansas City BBQ sauce was all about, but Rufus Teague's Touch O' Heat has set a new standard. If semi-sweet and smokey are characteristics you look for in BBQ sauce, Rufus Teague should be your starting point. Click the title of this review to learn about Rufus Teague's various products. To see how Touch O' Heat compares to other BBQ sauces, click the "Product Reviews" page.

3 Response to "Rufus Teague Touch O' Heat"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this sauce, it's the best store bought BBQ I've ever eaten.

    Anonymous says:

    It's darn good... maybe one of the best you'd find at the local grocery. For me it was a LITTLE too sweet and not QUITE enough heat, also it seems a little raisin heavy, which doesn't quite balance out the pepper and smoke, but I think I'm mostly talking about personal taste there.

    As far as a reasonably priced, decently balanced sauce widely available, I'd say thumbs up on giving it a try.

    Also, while this is really a finishing sauce I should mention, lightly brushed on hours before, it does a REALLY good job of infusing flavor to thinner cuts like pork chops.

    Unknown says:

    I love the bbq sauce and it is gluten free we can't keep it in the house long because it gets eaten fast. The store we shop does not have but 2 kinds of it,but I would like to find all the other kinds you have

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