Momma G's Original Cooking Sauce

Momma G's is a small sauce company located in Vaughan, NC. Momma G's makes several varieties of all natural cooking / BBQ sauce. I was first introduced to Momma G's Cooking sauce during the summer at the Twin City Ribfest in Winston Salem, NC. The free sample of their Habanero sauce made such an impression that I returned later to purchase a bottle. Needless to say, I was really excited when a box of Momma G's samples unexpectedly arrived at my door.

I decided to feature Momma G's Original sauce in The "Q" Review's first blind taste test over the weekend. The thin, bright red sauce made a fine contrast to other sauces being used. Momma G's all natural sauces are thin, vinegar and tomato blends. The Original sauce is sweet and ultra tangy.

You won't find any scary ingredients on Momma G's label. Aside from vinegar and tomato paste, Momma G's Original is sweetened up with molasses and seasoned with proprietary blend of spices. This sauce is HFCS and preservative free.

The vinegar tang of Momma G's is substantial. Some people may be overwhelmed by it. However, if you typically enjoy North Carolina BBQ sauces, you'll love Momma G's. The longer I live in the Carolinas, the more these types of sauces grow on me. I've come to enjoy the tangy finish associated with North Carolina BBQ sauce.

Momma G's Original sauce worked well as a dip for grilled chicken and sausage. My recommendation would be pouring it over pulled pork (sandwhich or platter). The sweet, tangy sauce really enhances the flavor of the mild smoked pork. In my opinion, the sauce is a bit too thin to use as a grilling glaze.

Momma G's isn't afraid to be bold with their flavors. In addition to their regular sauce, they also feature Habanero, Jack Daniels and Ghost (ultra hot) varieties. I have a few more flavors to try myself. I suspect they'll be every bit as good as the original recipe.

To learn more about (or order) Momma G's sauces, click the title of this review. See how Momma G's Original compares to other BBQ sauces on the "Product Reviews" page.

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