Product Giveaway - Hack's BBQ Sauce

The "Q" Review is happy to partner with Hack's BBQ Sauce for this week's giveaway. Hack's is a bold, thick sauce that is completely onion and pepper free! Hack's is offering up 2 bottles of of sauce. This week, we'll have 2 winners!

This giveaway is open to everyone and will conclude on Sunday, Nov 13th @ 8:00 pm (et).

How to Enter:
Please read the directions carefully as they are somewhat different than previous weeks. There are 2 ways to enter:

1. "Like" The "Q" Review's Facebook Page (if you don't already) AND leave a comment mentioning Hack's.


2. Comment on this blog post and mention Hack's. Be sure to also include your name in the comment so I can identify you if you win. 


I highly encourage you (not required to win) to "Like" Hack's Facebook page as well. Thanks for entering

2 Response to "Product Giveaway - Hack's BBQ Sauce"

  1. I've heard plenty about this sauce, and I'd love to give it a shot.

    Yum yum, I'd love to try this sauce :)

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