Jake's Famous Ketchup

Ketchup is the ultimate American condiment. Everybody loves it. I couldn't imagine burgers and fries (or scrambled eggs) without it. It's the perfect sweet compliment to all of our favorite savory foods.

As part of Jake's (of Jake's BBQ Sauce and Seasoning Co.) effort toward expansion, he has created his own all natural European style ketchup. Like all of Jake's products, Jake's Famous Ketchup is made from quality, all natural ingredients. Unlike nearly all other commerically produced ketchups, Jake's contains no high fructose corn syrup.

Targeted at discerning foodies, Jake's Famous Ketchup is packaged in 12 oz glass bottles and slapped with a great retro label. The Jake's Famous logo is quite a departure from Jake's Original BBQ Sauce logo, but I love the new look. The deep red ketchup looks great in the bottle. The product definitely scores some style points.

As I said before, Jake describes his ketchup as "European Style." His blend is thick and has a similar texture to quality American ketchups. The real difference is in the flavor. Jake's Famous Ketchup is a tangy, savory condiment. Because it doesn't contain any HFCS, it's not nearly as sweet as traditional American ketchup.

Some people may have difficulty with the lack of sweetness. I, myself, prefer a sweeter ketchup to contrast salty french fries. However, the added vinegar tang makes up for it to some degree. Jake's Famous Ketchup may be best served on grilled burgers and dogs.

For individuals looking for HFCS free options, Jake's Famous Ketchup is a great alternative to traditional American ketchup. In addition to it's more sophisticated flavor, Jake's also provides a great deal of style. The bottle looks great on the table.

This product is brand new so you won't find it in stores or online just yet. However, check back with Jake's website. I'm sure they'll have information posted about their ketchup in the near future. See how Jake's Famous Ketchup rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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