Jake's Famous Taco Seasoning

It's not often that I get to sample and review new products before they even hit the market, but Jake's Barbecue Sauce and Seasoning Company has given me that opportunity. Jake's has recently developed two brand new products to add to their lines of all natural sauces and seasonings. I was fortunate enough to get samples of both products, Jake's Famous Ketchup and Taco Seasoning.

Jake's Famous Taco seasoning is an all natural blend of authentic Mexican flavors. Jake recommends his new seasoning for beef, chicken and fish tacos as well as burgers and chili. Like most commercially produced taco seasonings, Jake's Famous is packaged in convenient (30g) single serve packets. Simply add the contents of the package to a pound of your choice of meat.

I rarely use seasoning packets for preparing tacos at home, but I was intrigued by this product because of Jake's reputation for producing quality, natural products. A quick rundown of the ingredients provided a surprise. I've never seen sugar listed first in taco seasoning ingredients. The rest of the ingredients, salt, garlic, chili and herbs, are pretty typical. Jake's also adds lemon for an unexpected, but welcome, hint of citrus. What stands out about the ingredient list is what is NOT included. You won't find any artificial flavors, MSG or preservatives.

The flavor of Jake's Famous Taco seasoning is much more fresh and light than typical packaged seasonings. It's also far less salty. In my opinion, the lemon is the key. The citrus flavor really sets this seasoning apart from others that you'll find. The seasoning was surprisingly fresh on grilled chicken that I used for taco salads.

Before today I would have never recommended a packaged taco seasoning. However, Jake's Famous Taco seasoning isn't your typical packaged product. Jake's puts the same emphasis on quality for their taco seasoning as they do for their award winning BBQ sauce. No information is currently listed on Jake's website about their new products, but check back in the near future. See how their taco seasoning compares to other dry seasoning blends on the "Product Reviews" page.

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