Demon Pig BBQ Sauce

Demon Pig BBQ sauces are produced in Breezy Point, MN. While it may not currently be prime BBQ weather in Minnesota, I'm happy to use Demon Pig sauces all year long. A couple of months ago I reviewed Demon Pig's Blaze Orange sauce. They also sponsored a product giveaway. This week, I finally got around to opening a bottle of Demon Pig's original BBQ sauce.

Demon Pig BBQ Sauce can definitely be classified as a sweet sauce. The ketchup based sauce has a candy sweet initial flavor aided by brown sugar and corn syrup. Sweetness, however, is not the only thing that Demon Pig brings to the table. The flavor is also accented with natural hickory smoke, onions and additional spices. I would equate it to a Kansas City style sauce with the sweetness level turned up a few notches.

Demon Pig's medium thickness makes it very versatile. It can be used as a dip or finishing glaze. It's equally good for both applications. Demon Pig recommends using their sauce as a ketchup alternative. They suggest using it on fries, eggs and burgers. My recommendation would be using the sauce for ribs or BBQ chicken.

I've spoken multiple times with the winner of our Demon Pig BBQ Sauce giveaway, Dustin Hall. He speaks very highly of both sauces, particularly this original sauce. He also recommended the sauce for grilled chicken.

Demon Pig BBQ sauces are great for competition cooks and backyard grillmasters alike. In addition to their two excellent BBQ sauces, they also make a BBQ rub and wing sauce that I'm dieing to try. To learn more about the entire Demon Pig BBQ product line, click the title of this review. Check the "Product Reviews" page to see how Demon Pig BBQ sauce compares to other products.

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