Charlie's Original Sticky Sauce

Charlie's Sticky Sauces are made in Ontario Canada. Charlie's currently offers their sticky sauce at three different heat levels. I've already reviewed their Stupid Hot sauce. This weekend, I decided to include their Original sauce in The "Q" Review's blind taste test.

Not only was Charlie's Original Sticky Sauce included in the taste test, it was the clear winner. All eight participants liked Charlie's. It was the only sauce not to recieve a single negative review.

Charlie's is a very thick, dark sauce with a rich, spicy aroma. The flavor is every bit as bold as the aroma. How could you expect anything less from a sauce with a smiling satan for its logo? Though the Original recipe is the most mild of their three sauces, it still has plenty of spice. I wouldn't call it a "hot" BBQ sauce, but it's definitely got some kick.

The thick, sticky sauce works well as a finishing glaze. Brush it on ribs, steaks or chicken as they finish cooking for a bold flavor boost. It's also my favorite sauce to use for my Deluxe BBQ Tacos. I plan to use it on burgers and meatloaf as well. I could see the bold flavors of Charlie's Sticky Sauce being great on many types of ground beef dishes.

Charlie's unique blend of bold spices creates a sauce that a lot of people can enjoy. Whether you like your sauce "Stupid Hot" or with just a little spice, Charlie's has you covered. Learn more about Charlie's by clicking the title of this review. See how Charlie's Original Sticky Sauce compares to other sauces on the "Product Reviews" page of this blog.

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