Demon Pig BBQ Rub

Demon Pig BBQ makes sauces that I'm very fond of. Both their Original and Blaze Orange BBQ sauces scored very well with The "Q" Review. When they asked me to review their BBQ Rub, I was happy to oblige.

Demon Pig BBQ Rub is packaged in 3 oz. plastic shakers. The product features an attractive, newly designed red label (not pictured). The rub itself is also dark red with a speckle of different earth tone colored spices.

The rub is a sweet, low sodium blend. You won't find any exotic ingredients on the label. Demon Pig uses standard, tried and true spices to produce a familiar, yet effective flavor. Demon Pig recommends its rub for any and all meats. However, the brown sugar and paprika base is typical of pork and chicken rubs.

I used Demon Pig BBQ rub on a rack of slow smoked spare ribs. The flavors were sweet and mild allowing the natural smoked pork flavor to come through. The salt content was just about right for the long cook time. I prefer a low sodium rub when cooking low and slow. Demon Pig BBQ Rub provided flavor, but didn't overpower the meat with salt.

Demon Pig BBQ Rub is safe, standard fare in the world of BBQ. When cooking pork or chicken, this type of sweet, mild rub is what I most often reach for. It works well in tandem with Demon Pig Sauces or any type of sweet, tomato sauce.

To learn more about Demon Pig products, click here to visit their website. See how Demon Pig BBQ Rub rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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