Claude's Hot & Spicy Sauce

Claude's Sauces (El Paso, TX) makes a full line of Texas style sauces for everything from BBQ to fajitas. I previously reviewed their Variety Sauce. Claude's also sent their Hot & Spicy Sauce which I recently had the opportunity to test.

Like Claude's other sauces, Hot & Spicy is packaged in 16 oz plastic bottles. The label for all of Claude's products features their signature logo as well as Bi-lingual (Spanish / English) text. The sauce is dark red like a Texas style BBQ sauce and speckled with coarsely ground black pepper. The sauce is pretty thick and pours slow and smooth.

Claude's Hot & Spicy is a difficult sauce to categorize. Like a BBQ sauce, Hot & Spicy has a tomato and vinegar base. However, it doesn't really have a sweet or smokey element. The sauce is slightly tangy from the vinegar and the addition of lemon juice. The heat is provided by cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce.

The label suggests pairing Hot & Spicy with beef, poultry or seafood. I used it on a couple of occasions for tacos and fajitas. The sauce provided plenty of spice, but the flavor a bit "one note". I didn't see the flavor as being complimentary to the meat I was using. It's not that I found it unpleasant, I just don't think I've found the proper application.

I will, however, continue to experiment with Claude's Hot & Spicy in an effort to find its best use. I could see it being a good addition to chili or grilled burgers. To get your own Hot & Spicy (or any of Claude's other sauces) visit their website. Check out our "Product Reviews" page to see how Claude's Hot & Spicy rates.

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