Rippin' Red Wing Sauce

Who doesn't love a good wing sauce? John Rizzotti certainly does. John has been making his Rippin Red Wing Sauce since 1996. He originally made his sauce for friends and family only. He spent several years perfecting his recipe until spring of 2010 when he finally began bottling the sauce.

Though relatively new, Rippin Red is already a highly respected and awarded product. The sauce has earned some of the fiery food industry's highest honors, inlcuding a second place Scovie. Rippin Red is sold in 12 oz bottles and is available in Original or Hot flavors.

Rippin' Red Wing Sauce has a classic orange color. It's also laced with visible flakes of fresh garlic. The sauce is fairly thick and pours smoothly. The thickness allows the sauce to cling tightly to the wings.

I recently purchased a new smoker and Christened it with four pounds of chicken wings over hickory wood. I tossed the smokey wings in Rippin Red Wing Sauce and served them hot. The sauce is bold and a bit more tangy than typical Buffalo Wing Sauces. The Original recipe has some kick, but the Hot variety really takes it to the next level. It didn't take long for the sweat beads to form on my forehead.

The sauce's tang and spice are balanced with creamy butter and parmesan cheese. All the ingredients really blend well to create a delicious, all natural wing sauce. Additionally, the sauce is sugar free and nearly fat free.

I normally enjoy alternative sauce flavors on my wings, but as far as traditional Buffalo style sauces go, Rippin Red is first rate. For wing lovers, it's a "must try" sauce. Whether Original or Hot, the ingredients are simple and natural. The results are delicious.

Check out Rippin' Red's website for ordering information. See how Rippin Red Wing Sauce rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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