Claude's Variety Sauce

Claude's Sauces originated in a small El Paso, TX butcher shop. Proprietor, Claude Struve sold briskets that had been marinated in his signature smokey sauce. The business started with Claude's original Brisket Sauce. Claude's Sauces now produces eight different sauces and a dry chicken spice rub.

Claude's was generous enough to send several samples of their sauces. This week, I had a chance to open up a 16 oz. bottle of their Gourmet Variety Sauce. The name "Variety Sauce" is pretty vague. I didn't really know what to expect from the product. The sauce was dark, thick and even a little chunky.

The sauce's flavor is difficult to describe. It's savory and tangy with a bit of spice. There is even a kind of ethnic quality to it. Looking at the ingredient list, I assume this comes from the tamarind. It falls somewhere between a steak sauce and cocktail sauce.

Claude's recommends their variety sauce as a cocktail sauce alternative or as a dip for deep fried vegetables. I used the sauce for a few different applications. As recommended, I tried it as a dip. In my opinion, the sauce was at its best when paired with beef. I enjoyed it as a steak sauce. It also worked well brushed on burgers just as they finished grilling.

The sauce's unique flavor opens up a lot of possibilities. I plan to use the sauce in beans and casseroles that normally call for ingredients like BBQ sauce or ketchup. I can see this sauce playing a role in many of kitchen experiments in the near future.

To learn more about Claude's Sauces, click here to visit their website. See how their Variety Sauce compares on our "Product Reviews" page.

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