Timber Ridge Cattle Cured Beef Snacks

Timber Ridge Cattle was started in 2006 by Pete and Cindy Woltz of Osceola, IA. Timber Ridge produces health conscious beef snacks from hormone free beef. Their cattle  feed is supplemented with flax on a daily basis yielding a product containing 3-5 times more Omega 3 and a robust 4-1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio.

Timber Ridge Cattle are processed on a small, family owned farm where the commitment to quality and attention to detail are top priorities. Using 90% lean beef, Timber Ridge produces beef sticks, summer sausages and jerky cured with low temperatures to ensure the highest quality product.

Of course I respect any company that commits itself to producing, quality healthy meats. However, I must confess that all that Omega 6 and Omega three talk doesn't do much for me. It's nice to have the piece of mind that I'm eating something wholesome, but flavor always wins the day. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on some of Timber Ridge Cattle's flax fed beef snacks.

Beef Sticks: Timber Ridge currently produces six different flavors of beef stick. Each stick is made from 90% lean beef and packaged in 1.25 oz. portions.These tasty treats were pretty near perfect. They had just the right amount of chew and the flavors were fantastic. I enjoyed each one, but I think their Original beef stick is my favorite. BBQ and Jalapeno are excellent as well. Are they salty? Of course they are....but they're also delicious.

Beef Jerky: Timber Ridge jerky is of the ground and formed variety. It's chewy, but relatively moist in comparison to jerky that uses larger cuts. Timber Ridge offers three flavors: Original, Peppered and Audacious (Sweet & Spicy). The thinly formed strips are individually sealed  in .75 oz packages. The saltiness of this jerky is awfully high. I still enjoyed the flavors (especially Audacious), but I couldn't eat much at one time.

Summer Sausage: Packaged in 8 oz. sausages, Timber Ridge produces a classic summer sausage. The super lean beef yields a product very similar to the venison sausages I grew up eating in the Midwest. The texture is about the same as the beef sticks. It slices easily, but still requires a bit of chew. Available in both Original and Jalapeno flavors, this type of sausage is great with cheese and crackers.

Timber Ridge Cattle Company produces cured beef snacks that emphasize nutrition without neglecting flavor. Without a doubt, they a step or two above the typical meat snacks found in most grocery and convenience stores. Timber Ridge meat snacks can be purchased online directly from the Woltzs. If you're in the Osceola, IA area, you can also purchase them in grocery stores or farmers markets. Don't forget to see how Timber Ridge product rate on our "Product Reviews" page.

6 Response to "Timber Ridge Cattle Cured Beef Snacks"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good products but very expensive.

    Anonymous says:

    Purchased a beef stick of each of their variety. Very elegant packaging. My children took two bites from each stick and spit it. The rest of each stick was thrown away. We did not like them. They were too tough and not tasty.

    Anonymous says:

    My family loves the sticks. I will be purchasing more at the Wednesday's farmers market. I bought 10 and there are only 4 left. 6 gone in 1 day. LOVE THEM!!!!!!

    Anonymous says:

    The best beef sticks I've ever had. We made a trip out to see Pete and Cindy and got a great tour of where they raise the cattle.

    We took back a cansister to Texas and it only lasted 3 days!

    Thank you for reviewing!
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