Free Sauce Giveaway - Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

Forget 50 Facebook likes (we'll get there eventually). We've got some sauce to give away. The "Q" Review is proud to partner with Country Bob's for our first ever Free Sauce Giveaway!

Country Bob's is offering up two bottles (each) of their All Purpose Sauce for two lucky "Q" Review readers. I tried the sauce on burgers and really enjoyed it. I think you will too.

How to Enter:
Facebook guidelines won't allow me to enter people into drawings simply by clicking "Like" on The "Q" Review's page so I have one more hoop for your to jump through.

You can enter one of two ways...

1. Comment on this blog post - Include your name and the words "Country Bob's"

2. Comment on The "Q" Review's Facebook page with the words "Country Bob's".

Contest starts now and will conclude Sunday, August 14th @ 8 p.m. Winners will be determined using's number generator and will be announced shortly after 8.

Stop by Country Bob's Facebook page and say a quick thank you...(not required, but appreciated)

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    LD Jackson
    Country Bob's

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