The Dizzy Pig Shakin the Tree Seasoning

Shakin the Tree is the second of eleven spice blends from The Dizzy Pig Bar-B-Q that I've tested. Shakin the Tree is a fragrant lemon pepper all purpose seasoning. The Dizzy Pig website recommends Shakin the Tree for everything from salmon to steak and potatoes.

I particularly enjoy lemon pepper on seafood so I decided to use the Shakin the Tree rub for baked fish. I thawed some whiting fillets, seasoned them liberally with the spice blend and put them in the oven for eight minutes at 375 degrees. I served the fish with pasta and mixed vegetables.

Shakin the Tree is not just a typical lemon pepper. There is additional depth and even a bit of heat in the background provided by other spices in the blend. Though the Dizzy Pig claims that Shakin the Tree is more mild than most of their spice blends, I thought the flavors were still pretty bold. For thin fillets like whiting, I would recommend using the spice rub in moderation.

I enjoyed Shakin the Tree on the baked fish and would recommend it for a variety of seafoods. I could also see it being very good on chicken and vegetables. For the record, my wife loved it. She's tried nearly every sample that I've received and this was her favorite.

Check back for additional reviews of The Dizzy Pig Bar-B-Q products. You can see how Shakin the Tree rates on the "Product Reviews" page.

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