Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

Looking for sauce that's good on just about everything? Country Bob's may be just what you need. Country Bob's truly is an "all purpose" sauce. I've used Country Bob's on burgers, cheese steaks, potatoes, smoked chicken and even casseroles.

Many products that I've tried are advertised as "all purpose," but Country Bob's is the first sauce I've sampled that truly seems to compliment everything. Most people that I've shared it with have compared it to the classic A1 steak sauce. Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce does have a similar flavor to A1, but it's not an exact match. Country Bob's is a bit thicker. It also has an added dimension of sweetness.

Country Bob's products are available at retailers all over the country. They can also be ordered online. In addition to their all purpose sauce, they also offer BBQ sauce, seasoned salt and spicy all purpose sauce. To see how I rate Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce, check the "Product Reviews" page.

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